Nick Dominguez

Branding a debt collection agency was one of the biggest challenges to date. TrueAccord as a company is truly unique in it's approach to the market so finding a visual direction was challenging. Typical of a lot of start ups, TrueAccord we went through a few iterations before it found it's voice and eventually settled into the current version that is live today.

A short history of the website journey can be read on Quora.

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First impressions are critical so I put a lot of thought into what the best way would be to present us at first glance. I wrote some questions to give the design and structure some guidance.

  1. What is TrueAccord?
  2. What makes us better?
  3. What are we offering?
  4. Who's working with us?
  5. What do customers think?
Real-time Personalization
Superior Results
Customer Retention
Better Control

Visual components would also be important in presenting the product offerings and communicating some of the more difficult concepts. So I designed a lot of custom illustrations.

Product Pages

Structure for product pages:

  1. Description
  2. Features
  3. Resources

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