Nick Dominguez

Toggle Manager

At OpenPeak I had the opportunity to work on AT&T's Toggle product. Toggle is a "BYOD" services that provides management and security of mobile devices.

The Process

The design process for Toggle first started on whiteboards first. The team found whiteboarding to be an efficient and productive method of collaboration. Engineers also enjoyed the ability to jump on sketches augment their explanations. After each whiteboarding session we documented the process with photos. Document photos were then shared with the rest of the team inside a shared Dropbox folder.


Next I jumped into Sketch to design wireframes. A daily wireframe review with a lead engineer got the team aligned. During this review I looked for any potential UX issues and made sure we a consistent experience.

Visual Designs

With finalized wireframes and planned user flows I was able to begin visual design. A baseline styleguide employed before I proceeded to designing user interface screens. This styleguide ensured colors, typography and measurements stayed consistent across the product. and measurements stayed consistent across the product.

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