Nick Dominguez


In 2016 I co-founded an online marketplace for creatives, agencies and production companies to find and book spaces called I led the entire product design, research and frontend development stack during my time with the team.

The Challenge
Designing a two-sided marketplace

In designing a marketplace AVVAY served both guests and hosts. Each customer segment had its own set of needs and goals that were interconnected and dependent on each other. I spent time researching and interviewing both to ensure we built an experience that worked for both.

Space Listing
Dashboard Space Editing

My Role

I led the led the design and frontend development effort to build multiple iterations of the AVVAY website including what is currently live today. I also wrote copy and worked on a refactoring the frontend code for search engine optimization.

Interaction, and Visual Design

In addition to designing user flows across the customer facing website. I also planned and designed key transactional flows like the booking process and SMS notifications.

Listing a Space

Booking Flow

SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications Flow


Home Screen

Space Search


Listing a Space

Listing Screen

Reservation Details

Internal Dashboard

Serving creative professionals and space owners

AVVAY launched in the summer of 2016 to handful of customers in the Nashville market. Today, the website is serving thousands of customers in the Nashville, Portland, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago markets. It has quickly become a core part of the business for event space owners as well as production companies and creative professionals.


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