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Relaunching the Tenable Experience for Enterprise Security Teams

Senior Product Designer, 2016 — 2018

In late 2016 I joined Tenable as a senior product designer to lead design across [Tenable.io](http://Tenable.io) web scanning and security container products. My work mainly focused on rethinking and redesigning interactions within these products to simplify vulnerability management and improve efficiency for security teams.

Hive Design System

In the spring of 2018 the Tenable design team got together for one week in Washington D.C to lay the groundwork for what would become the "Hive Design System"I collaborated with leadership and the design team to lay down foundational concepts and design patterns that would become the Tenable Hive Design System.

Tenable Hive Design Workshop

To allow users to traverse large amounts of data while stay focused on the task at hand the team developed the "Hive planar system" which would allow users to contextually focus information through a series of stacking planes.

Hive Planar System

Building the Core Experience

I spent a significant portion of my time within the team designing and building global patterns to be used through the suite of Tenable Products.

Tenable Wireframe

An example of low fidelity thumbnails to show behaviors when a user interacts with their analytics dashboard. Aqua areas indicate interactive elements that trigger a state change.

Tenable Wireframe

Tenable VM dashboard wireframe

Tenable Wireframe

The Tenable Vulnerability dashboard redesigned with Hive Design.

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