AVVAY Pro was a new product created inside of AVVAY in February 2019. Its mission was to provide a platform for content creators and professionals to connect with each other. A byproduct of building this community would also be a new channel for AVVAY customers to get access to creative professionals for their own projects and events.


Building this community did not come without its own set of unique challenges. The core job to be done was to build and design a platform that was both efficient and compelling for users to engage and upload their own projects. A core focus was put on simplicity and efficiency. It was also important to give members a compelling and easy experience to sign in and then upload their work.


Product Management, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Frontend Development

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Booking Flow


Finding and booking a space is fundamental to the experience at AVVAY. If we have space the customer is looking for but don’t provide an efficient and intuitive booking experience we’ll increase the chances that the customer will drop off and either look for the same space elsewhere or find a different solution altogether.


In March 2018 I decided it was time to iterate on our core booking flow experience. This part of the product had not been changed since I initially designed and built it a year ago. There were a ton of improvements to make but I wanted to identify the big problems so we could prioritize the design and development work that we could move forward with.

After conducting several customer interviews, particularly with our hosts, I discovered that identity verification was a core problem to be solved. What could we do to provide more information from guests so that hosts could feel confident about accepting their reservation and working with them in their space?


Every customer on AVVAY whether a guest or host has a profile page. This profile page is where AVVAY users can get more information about each other like where they live. When someone creates an account on AVVAY we provide a way for them to list information like a biography description, social links, reviews, and ratings. This information can be particularly valuable to hosts when reviewing a guest booking request.

Based on the value of this information for hosts I decided to run an experiment and test whether we could immediately prompt the guest directly after a booking request to provide us more of this information. Any profile data would then be immediately provided to the host in the accept or decline flow to help them get a fully informed view in the booking request.

Using Fullstory we’ve seen positive results. Guests can immediately fill in more information about who they are once a booking request is triggered all while staying in the booking flow. The value is communicated back to them by letting them know that requests typically get accepted in less time when a host has the most amount of information on the user and the booking request.

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