Being on the ground floor of a brand new company with an authentic mission was a chance I did not pass up. As the sole designer on a small team, I had the opportunity to "wear a lot of hats". My work ranged from illustration and branding to frontend development and interaction design. Below is a sampling of the vast amount of work I did during my 3 years at the company.


Working at an early stage financial services startup was the biggest challenge I had yet to experience in my career. The single biggest challenge with my work with the team was designing and building an experience for customers who fundamentally did not want to engage or use the product. Some of the themes of the work I did at TrueAccord were efficiency, friendliness, and empathy. All three of these principles guided much of the work I did there.


Product Management, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Frontend Development


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Landing Pages

The second point of contact customers had with AVVAY was landing pages. Below are some of the many flows designed and created for customers to get through to make a payment or plan. One of the biggest challenges with designing flows like these were trying to provide structured options for customers to choose in the flow. There was always a delicate balance we had to play between offering the customer the freedom they needed and honoring the goal of the product.

Landing Page Start

"Pay in full today"

Landing Page First Choice

"Can't pay in full today"

Landing Page Payment Choice

"Find a settlement"

Landing Page ACH Form

"Direct withdrawal from my checking account"

Landing Page Credit Card Payment

"Use my credit card"

Payment Plan Experiments

At the heart of the TrueAccord customer experience were payment plans. The product team ran various conversion experiments to iterate and measure the effectiveness of various combinations of messaging and design. Below shows some of the design evolution the payment plan screens went through and a few of the various tests we ran.

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Payment Plans 2016


I designed many illustrations to help explain various financial concepts and ideas for TrueAccord customers. Below are some examples I specifically created for downloadable whitepapers.

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