Toggle Manager

In the 2012 I was brought on to the engineering team at OpenPeak. OpenPeak, at the time, was a leader in the enterprise mobile device management space and had a handful of enterprise customers worldwide. As the lead designer inside the enterprise MDM team I had the opportunity to design and build the user experience behind Toggle Manager. Toggle Manager was a white label device management application which OpenPeak was providing for AT&T.

The Process

The design process for Toggle Manager was carried out in 2 phases: planning and design. A series of meetings with the product management team aligned us (product design) with the specific goals for Toggle Manager.


From there a series of white boarding sessions were kicked off and proved to be an efficient and productive method of collaboration between design and engineering. Developers enjoyed the ability to collaborate directly on sketches and clarify their thoughts and input. Each white boarding session was documented by me by sharing assets inside of Dropbox for the rest of the team.



A daily wireframe review with a lead engineer got the team aligned. During this review I looked for any potential UX issues and made sure we a consistent experience.

User Interface Design

With finalized wireframes and planned user flows I was able to begin visual design. A baseline styleguide employed before I proceeded to designing user interface screens. This styleguide ensured colors, typography and measurements stayed consistent across the product. and measurements stayed consistent across the product.

More Work