I’ve often had a hard time writing an appropriate description or title that describes what I do and my set of skills. A term that I have seen appear lately is “Full Stack Design”. I’ve wrestled with whether this term is legitimate but I’ve decided to use it. Here’s why.

I’ve been “doing web design” for a long time. In the early days designers had to handle the full spectrum of skills needed to build websites and applications. This might mean that you had take on the full responsibility of a variety of roles such as:

  • Branding
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • User interface design (PSDs, etc.)
  • Front end development (HTML, CSS, JS)

So you took on these responsibilities and you learned these disciplines while on the project. You excelled in some areas and struggled in others.

As the web has matured we’ve seen designers and developers jump into more dedicated roles. Larger web-centric companies might now have dedicated user experience designers and front end developers.

Yet there is still a set of designers out there who have all these skills together in one package. They are able to weave in and out of these disciplines and do it on a daily basis. You could call them “Full Stack Designers”.

Is this another catchy title or buzzword? It might be. But I believe the environment we’re currently working in warrants this title and we shouldn’t have an issue in using it.