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Toggle Manager

While at OpenPeak I had the opportunity to work on AT&T's Toggle product. Toggle is a "BYOD" services that provides management and security of mobile devices.


The first iteration of the Toggle Manager application lacked any kind of focus or attention towards the user experience. The overall experience was clunky and basic actions could often take multiple steps. I was brought into OpenPeak to look for ways the engineering team could elevate the user experience of their various products, the first being Toggle Manager. Toggle Manager is user administration tool to manage mobile devices for business employees.


Interaction design, visual design

Interaction Design and Planning

As the requirements were fluid and changed weekly we did a weekly review of the user experience by diagramming user flows on whiteboards and maintaining parity with what the engineers were building.

Admin walkthrough whiteboard

Admin setup steps whiteboard

Dashboard whiteboard

User Interface Design

I knew that the application was going to have to be flexible and suit a variety of solutions for the administrators using the tool. We created a modular card-based design that could be mixed and matched to solve the various needs of the user. I also focused on building a color palette that was vibrant and distinct yet could worth within a variety of companies both large and small.

Login screen

Toggle Manager Dashboard


Toggle Manager Policies


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