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Building Bridges Between Carrier Customers and Support Technicians

Senior Product Designer, 2019 — 2020

In 2019, I joined the product design team at Asurion in Nashville where I primarily worked inside Home Management and Network Scan teams. Inside these two teams I led remote and in-person user research, as well as designed workflows and prototypes for conceptual and production web and mobile applications.

Selected project

Verizon Tech Coach

Interaction design & UI Design

Verizon Tech Coach is a mobile app that gives customers 1-click access to expert support, personalized device tips, and self-help tech guides to help Verizon customers get the most out of their devices. I worked with Tech Coach product team to design the Wi-Fi scan experience within the app.

Verizon Tech Coach

Selected project

AT&T Pro Tech Support Tool

Interaction & Visual Design

Asurion Pro Tech Experts are able to provide home customers real time technical support when running a Wi-Fi scan through the Pro Tech app. Asurion Tech Experts us a network scan tool which provides a view into diagnostic information on the customer's home network. I worked on upgrading and enhancing the diagnostic tool experience for experts.

Selected project


Research, Visual & Interaction Design

Asurion and UBREAKIFIX, the nation's largest chain of electronics repair stores, wanted to explore potential new products and services as well as improve the retail experience for sales associates and customers. I led the design and research efforts to test new conceptual products as well as improve retail experiences for customers and store technicians.


Copilot In-Store Tablet Experience

Copilot is uBreakiFix in-store screen experience for customers. When customers are interacting with store techs they are able to visually see information presented to them in the store transaction. Customers can also interact or "own" certain portions of the transaction like signature or viewing additional information on product or service up sells.

Designing the Customer Drop-Off Experience

From observing and talking to people in-store I saw several opportunities to improve the customer experience with an "always on" tablet they could use to make the check in more efficient. This improved several key areas for the customer like repair look up, device diagnostic results, and final estimated cost. It was improved the store representative's experience by automating upsell opportunities and making estimates clear and concise.

CoPilot Pricing Screen
Increasing price transparency

Because store technicians were often busy in the the rear of the store repairing devices customers would often arrive to a completely empty store and rely on someone to come out to greet them, diagnose their device, and get their repair started.

CoPilot Check-in Screen
Designing a more efficient check-in

In our research we often heard customers tell us that they felt that repair pricing was arbitrary and set at the discretion of the attending store technician. To increase clarity and transparency CoPilot displayed a clear and concise breakdown of repair costs and fees for the entire customer order.

CoPilot Upsell Screen
Creating more revenue opportunities

We saw a clear opportunity with CoPilot to create relevant upsell opportunities directly in the purchase funnel. Franchisees loved the potential for additional revenue. Store technicians loved the additional help CoPilot could provide to boost their in store commissions on additional services and products.

Designing the Customer Pick-Up Experience

Improving the customer pick up experience was another big area of opportunity. Customers often had to wait in line for other transactions to complete before they could even begin their pick-up. CoPilot enabled them to get a head start by pulling up their repair, previewing final repair cost, and adding any addiitional products to their checkout that were relevant or common among repairs like buying a phone case.

CoPilot Pick-Up Screen

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