There are numerous hot takes bubbling up in the last few months on what Web3 is and how big of a deal it actually is. I guess this is another one but bear with me.

There is a lot of justified general negativity around web3, crypto and NFTs specifically, but I see a lot of the viewpoints are just skimming the surface. Anyone who has taken the time to really understand what’s going on at any sort of deeper level understands that the “Web3 revolution” is not about shiny new things to play. It’s about a fundamental shift away from centralization in FAANG and towards a world where decentralized services are actually more of a reality than ever before.

The big question today is: Will we be able to leverage this new technology to create elegant and simple products and experiences for people to use? In other words, will the convenience of centralization win this war? This, to me, is the fundamental question. I don’t think consumers necessarily care about what’s happening behind the curtain, as long as it’s generally easy, and it solves their problem.

My bet is that we will see much of the complexity of current experiences in what we’re calling web3 experience simplified, polished, and mostly made easier for consumers. Maybe it’s my personal experience seeing what how fast we can evolve from the days when I used a 56k modem to “get online” to the ubiquitous connectivity we experience today.

I believe people in this space will build experiences that are not only a great experience but also good for the consumer. This means providing them more privacy, control, and ownership of what they do and how they use products online.