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I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Nashville currently working on the cart and checkout team at

Work Life

My journey in the creative world began in the late 90s when I graduated from art school with a degree in Visual Communications. Initially, I was all set to dive into the music industry, dreaming of designing album covers and artist packaging. But, as life would have it, I found myself drawn to the digital realm instead. I was right there at the dawn of the "web era," getting my hands dirty with HTML coding - a skill that's still a big part of my toolkit today.

Fast forward to now, and you'll find that I've branched out quite a bit. My current playground includes user research, interaction design, and user interface design. It's been an exciting ride, constantly learning and evolving in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Music & More

Music remains a vibrant and enduring influence in my life. My engagement ranges from playing in bands to avidly attending shows and discovering new music. For those interested in exploring the music projects I've been involved in, feel free to peruse my Discogs profile.

Beyond design and music, my personal life is about spending time with my family near Nashville, playing board games with friends, or dedicating time to my personal art projects.

If you're curious about my professional journey, my resume is available for download, and you can also view my LinkedIn profile for a comprehensive overview of my work history.

About this site

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A multidisciplinary designer based in Nashville who is passionate about solving hard problems with human centered design. Read more.